Minutes of Meeting 11th December 2017

Minutes of Rotary Club of Gloucester’s Council meeting on Monday, December 11th, 2017

Club number 19313 | Charity number 274097


President Sue Smith, Jan Layton-Smith, Chris Soane, Martin Henshaw, John Weygang, John Smith and John Lovell.


David Seed, Jeremy Keck, Peter Nesbitt, Amanda Chamberlayne, Matt Cass and Rob Hall


The minutes of the November meeting were signed without amendment


Any matters arising were dealt with under other agenda headings.


President Sue reported that nine University students had helped with the Santa Fun Run. She sought council’s permission to invite Tom Newman, the University Students’ Chief Executive to a Rotary lunchtime meeting in order to further the possibility of forming a Rotaract Club there, The increasing number of students coming to Gloucester was potentially a significant voluntary workforce and contact needed to be maintained.

She said she had received a letter from the RAF Benevolent Fund asking for support. It was agreed that in reply she should explain that – whilst wishing them well – the club’s focus was on giving help locally with the occasional international project included.


Martin H reported that there had been hugely sucessful inaugural Santa Fun Run with more than 100 runners taking part. This was an excellent result in view of the short time frame in which to organise it. £253,86p had been raised and President Sue had subsequently donated £250 to the Gloucestershire Deaf Association. A date had already been set for next year’s event – Saturday, December 8th.


Nothing to report.


Nothing to report.


John L reported Leaves of Absence requests from Richard Wright from January 9th until April 19th 2018 and for Hamilton Elliott from January 23rd until March 7th. These were agreed.

John also mentioned an e-mailed request for help from Colin Prottey of the Rotary Saving Lives project in respect of installing Automated External Defibrillators (AED) in schools and rural communities throughout the county. He had approached the club to seek support for installing an AED at Elmbridge Primary School. Since Colin had stated that the e-mail was not a ‘begging letter for money’ council was unsure of what support was needed and the secretary was asked to investigate further and report to council when an answer was known.


In Jeremy K’s absence Martin H reported that the accounts would not be available for the SGM to be held on Friday 15th December. He had done a pre-audit and Nigel H had indicated he would be available in the New Year to start auditing the books. There were still several months before final accounts would need to be submitted to the Charity Commissioners. Members would be notified when Nigel had completed the audity



Nothing to report


In David S’s absence Martin H reported that he had used £250 to support the work of Friends at Christmas from a Community/Youth budget of £2,000 alloted to helping the Homeless and Vulnerable.


In Amanda’s absence John L reported that £5,476 55p had been raised by the club so far in this presidential year.

Sports and Social

No report


John Smith said that District- having initially scaled down the amount awarded in respect of the joint application by our club and Gloucester Quays in connection with a grant for the Colin Eynon project in Fiji – had now honoured the application in full. Since his committee had not made any claims of the club budget for the past two years he proposed that the club gives a further £1,000 towards this project for a health centre to make the total up to £10,000. This was seconded by Martin H and passed unanimously. John added that he had also been in touch with the Nailsea and Blackwell Rotary club who had indicated via district that they might be interested in supporting an international project. John said that construction of the building to house the health centre should be started in January. The islands’ government had said that they would pay for a qualified nurse as well as the existing health worker at the facility.


John W agreed to source a Key Safe unit which could be attached to Rotary’s mobile cupboard.


Nothing further to report

Any Other Business:

John L reported that he sent District diary dates to both President Sue and President Elect Chris.

John Smith said he had reluctantly postponed the Christmas concert because of the adverse weather conditions. This had now been re-scheduled for Sunday, January 14th and had been renamed – Reflections. The soloists would be our two new Rotarians Seb and Vicki Field.

John W said he was seeking a solution to problems with the club’s money counting machine which had occured following the introduction of the new shaped £1 coin.

Date of next meeting – Monday, February 12th 2018 at 6pm at Matt Cass’s office. Martin H tendered his apologies for this meeting.

Council Minutes

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