Minutes of Meeting 11th December 2023

Rotary Club of Gloucester Council Meeting Minutes Date: 11th December 2023 18:00-20:00

Venue: Sofab Sports, Brockworth

Club Number: 19313

Charity Number: 274097



PRESENT: Chris Rawlins (Pres) Julian Farr, Colin Rogers, Amanda Chamberlayne, Martin Henshaw, John Seargeant, Jeremy Keck (Tres)


APOLOGIES:, Angela Seddon (Secretary), Phil McCormick (SVP), Clive Hannis,

MINUTES: Minutes from 13th November meeting accepted as a true and accurate record by Council


  1. A communication and marketing plan – CH meeting planned for 11.23
  2. Short Video Clips – Chris Rawlings has now made one video which will be discussed at the marketing committee.

PRESIDENTS REPORT: Chris Rawlins delighted on the progress made on a number of fronts this month:


People resources – It has been a struggle to fill the slots at all our fundraising activities this year and we seem increasingly reliant on support from outside the club.

Phil Lamb has visited a few times now and we expect an application for membership. We had an enquiry on membership from a volunteer at the Santa Fun Run and a lady with a response to a FB post both need following up in the new year.

Financial resources – Initial collections at the tree of light have been about 1/3 down but the Santa fun Run is bigger than ever.


The Young Artists Awards night was excellent. Thanks to John Jones for his effort on this and I’m sure this project will grow next year.

Myself and PM attended the District Council meet which was very informative. The main point is the strategy being deployed nationally and internationally to boost membership. The meeting reviewed key aspects of the North Star presentation. NB this has been circulated to all members by the secretary previously and I urge all members to read and digest this information so we may feedback our thoughts.



The number of food and toy parcels distributed by the Salvation Army this year is in excess of 900 each and thanks to our members for their support to the packing process.

Clothing distribution to areas of the Gloucester 9 project continued again this year.

4 young budding artists have been put forward to the national finals. No written words can express the joy and pride of both the children and the parents as they received their awards from the Mayor. A lovely evening at the Civic Suite.


IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: Clive Hannis sent apologies

PRESIDENT ELECT: Phil McCormick sent apologies

JUNIOR PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Vacancy – Would all Members who have yet to take on the role of Club President please consider this vacancy. Please direct all questions to any member of the Council.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Angela Seddon-Hill – sent apologies



Charity Account £16,245
Charity Saver £28,330
General Account £7,312
Friendship Account        £4,905 – new account holding the raffle money
General Saver £6,078
Lunch Account £5,460

Rotary in Gloucester £9,302     (this is the Community Awards account)

These figures do not reflect the budget allocations against them. Treasurer will provide a ‘real’ snapshot of where we are with regards to our account balances, our income and our projected outgoings for this year.



MEMBERSHIP concerns have been raised by members of the Club that we do not have a clear membership recruitment plan and that there has been no positive recruitment actions, plan or new members in the last 18 months.

Think Tank meeting of invited members scheduled for 10th Jan

COMMUNITY AND YOUTH – Martin Henshaw the committee met on 4th December.


The Gloucester 9 project is making an immediate impact with minor grants being issued and through the ‘Clothes Project’. This involves buying, at a significant discount or FOC, bags of clothes from charity shops (mainly Salvation Army at present) and delivering to ‘hubs’ for distribution. To date this initiative has been or is being rolled out to: Churchdown & Innsworth; Matson; Podsmead; Kingsholm and White City.


FUNDRAISING – Amanda Chamberlayne – Amanda reiterated the points she made passionatel at Fridays meeting about the need for members to do more.



SPORTS AND SOCIAL – Colin Rogers no activities scheduled as members are incredibly busy over December with fundraising activities.

INTERNATIONAL – John Sargent committee has been busy.

John Stubbings has been dealing with a charity in Nepal and the committee would like to use the ringfenced money (for trees) to support a project for medical equipment and medicine. The £750 allocated from the Club charity account was matched with a district grant (approved before COVID). John would speak to District to let them know that the project is no longer going ahead and find out whether we can reuse it for the Nepal project, give it back or reapply separately. Now waiting decision from District Governor

Ukraine money is still available (just under £3000) in funds. John and Hamilton have visited 2 groups in Gloucester

Firstly a church hall which needs some refurbishment. It was agreed a program of work would be prepared for us to consider

Secondly Association of Ukraine in UK group of 10 formed choir seeking funds to fund transport to sing at a festival in Cirencester

JS explained the entitlement to stay process is likely to have an impact.

FRIENDSHIP SCATTER – Amanda Chamberlayne the position with Rodez remains confused.

The council agreed that the newly formed Friendship Fund would be used for the provision of flowers and for lunch fees of special guests such as district commissioners and honary members


FELLOWSHIP AND HOUSE – running well the system works, apologies to Colin Rogers by Wednesday. Arrival for 1230, seating at 1245.


AOB – CR took council members though the key points of the North Star project with the intention of the document helping to inform the think tank in January. Initial comments


were not enthusiastic around the direct membership option as it was seen as the ability to join the club without the accountability that we have as traditional members.


DATES OF NEXT MEETING: January 2024, 12th February, 11th March, 8th April, 13th May. Dining out on 10th June.

Council Minutes

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