Minutes of Meeting 11th February 2019

Minutes of the Rotary Club of Gloucester’s Council meeting on Monday, February 11th 2019

Club number 19313 | Charity number 274097


President Chris Soane, Richard Wright, John Smith, Jeremy Keck, Matt Cass, Peter Nesbitt, and John Lovell.


Sue Smith, Jan Layton-Smith, Jason Smith, Amanda Chamberlayne and John Weygang.


The minutes of the December meeting were signed by President Elect Matt Cass.


All matters under this heading were dealt with elsewhere on the agenda.


  • Kids Out:- The President reported that Karen Pearson had agreed to shadow Colin Dunford who has organised this successful event for several years.
  • Tree of Light:- President Chris said that this event had raised £9,873 in 2018 of which £5,000 would be equally shared between the Mayor’s charity (the James Hopkins Trust) and his own chosen charity (Charlie’s Community Cancer Support and Therapy Centre). The remaining £4,800 would be split between the Club’s Youth Trust Fund and Kids Out as indicated during the collections prior to Christmas. However since it was not anticipated that Kids Out would require the money it was agreed that £1,600 already allocated in the club budget for Kids Out be also transferred to the Youth Trust Fund. It was further agreed to record the council’s thanks to Julian Farr who had arranged sponsorship for this event and to Lise Noakes who had arranged entertainment around the tree.
  • District Conference:- Chris reported that 12 members and partners would be attending the District Conference in Torquay in March. Past President Peter Nesbitt agreed to take the chair for the lunch meeting on Friday, March 15th.
  • Resignations:- In order to address pressing domestic matters Seb and Vicki Field were resigning from the end of this presidential year and would become Friends of the club instead. Peter Nesbitt said he would approach Jason Bolton to give his job talk on March 8th when Vicki was due to give hers.
  • Boules:- The President reported that the club now had two boules teams with himself as captain of one and Sue Smith as captain of the other.
  • ‘Milestone’ Birthday Cakes:- President Chris said the cost of providing these had been raised in an e-mail by Jan L-S. who had pointed out that to provide a cake for 40-50 people was getting quite prohibitive. She and Amanda C had agreed to take some cash (although not the true cost) of providing such cakes from the raffle money. Council decided that raffle money should continue to fund visits by Rodez Rotarians to Gloucester and if Rotarians wanted to mark special anniversaries with a cake they should be prepared to pay the full cost themselves.
  • President Chris said he had had a request from CCP (Caring for Communities and People) in Cheltenham seeking marshals for a CCP Challenge event on June 16th. Anyone interested in helping should contact katie.dainty@ccp.org.uk
  • Council rejected a request for club help to finance a netball team from the High School in Denmark Road to go to an event in Sri Lanka organised by the Foundation for Goodness.


No report


  • Matt said negotiations on a proposed wishing well at the Quays were still taking place between the club and Peel representatives. Alternative projects to mark the club’s centenary were being considered should the wishing well project not proceed.
  • Matt said he had had an initial meeting to consider this year’s Santa Fun Run and it had been agreed that this would now end at the Tree of Light in Eastgate Street. This might require closing a road(s) for a short while. A ‘Toddle Waddle’ was also being considered.


No report


  • Leave of absence for Amanda Chong was granted from February 8th until April 5th inclusive.


  • Jeremy K reported that £890 had been given to Wall’s staff by the club as Christmas gratuities.
  • The treasurer said he had contacted all but one of the new members in respect of their club liabilities.
  • Jeremy said the accounts were up to date and in surplus. Last year’s accounts were now being audited by Peter Morgan and he queried whether an honorarium might be appropriate.
  • Wearing a different hat Jeremy said he was keeping the website up to date however he expressed concern that as a result of RIBI rules Friends of the club were being marginalised and although their names and e-mail addresses could be found on the website he wasn’t allowed to give addresses or telephone numbers.



  • Peter N reported that five new members had been inducted so far this year and that a further six were in the pipeline. As a result of feedback from new member Stewart Clapham it was agreed that new members should be invited to attend at least one meeting of each of the club’s main committees during their first three months of membership so they would have an overview of how the club worked and the projects being undertaken.


Richard highlighted the following

  • Carers – Carers Gloucestershire had lost the Gloucestershire Carer Service contract as of April 1st. The successful bid was by PeoplePlus Group a nationwide organisation. In consequence the club would need to investigate how and why the contract was lost, what the present situation is, who will be the point of contact and whether or not the club should be dealing with the new company. He would report back following investigations.
  • Boxes – Veronica Cooper had delivered 400 small boxes and 100 large boxes for the Salvation Army Christmas boxes/Santa sacks at a cost ot the club of £772.92.
  • Kids Out –Summer Event – Richard reported that this event continues to grow. This year’s event on Wednesday June 12th now has 12 clubs, 24 schools and 746 children taking part with our club taking eight of the schools.
  • Winter Kids Out – Richard said he was still optimistic of organising a winter event. After being postponed in December and cancelled on February 4 because of the snow Richard was hoping to re-scheduled the event although no date had yet been fixed.
  • Young Musician. Richard reported that Cheltenham Sunrise club had cancelled the local event as there were so few entrants. His committee was now looking at the possibility of channelling our support into other events. To this end he would be contacting the Brimsfield Music Society.
  • RYLA – An e-mail had been received by the President from Crypt School asking whether the RYLA scheme might be available this year since previous Crypt students had had valuable experiences on the courses. It was pointed out that students from schools other than Crypt were eligible as well. The e-mail was passed to Richard W for consideration.
  • Young Voices – Richard said that he and David Seed had visited Calton School. It had been an uplifting experience and the choir was magnificent. Both the choirmaster and head praised Rotary for its support without which the school would have been unable to take part in the NEC event which had involved 6,636 children. Richard said it was his committee’s plan to offer participating schools £400 each towards transport costs. (Last year in addition to Calton, Coney Hill and Finlay schools also took part).


There was no report in Amanda’s absence.


There was no report in Colin Rogers’ absence.


  • John said his committee had agreed to fund £750 towards the Leprosy Mission for training and hoped this might be doubled with a District Grant. President Chris said he would investigate the deadline for District Grants and report to John
  • John said he was still looking for an appropriate eye project following the bequest to the club of £2,000 by Leo Soble, a former club Rotarian and Gloucester optician.
  • Council agreed to donate £700 towards ‘Mary’s Meals’ subject to the agreement of the International committee. This is a global movement united by the belief that no child should endure a day without a meal. Mary’s Meals sets up community run school feeding programmes in some of the world’s poorest communities where poverty and hunger prevent children from gaining an education. It costs just £13.90p to feed a child for a whole year and the UK government has agreed to match all public donations up to £2m until March 1. John said that now he had council’s backing he would take the idea back his committee for consideration.


Nothing further to report in Jan’s absence


Nothing further to report.


Nothing further to report than had already been reported earlier in the meeting.


Chris S said he would be taking soundings from members regarding the vacancy for a junior vice president in the next Presidential year 2019-209

There was no further business. The date of next meeting is Monday, March 11th – same time same venue.

Council Minutes

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