Minutes of Meeting 12th December 2018

Minutes of Rotary Club of Gloucester’ Council Meeting on Monday 12th December 2018

Club Number 19313 | Charity Number 274097


Matt Cass, Angela Seddon (acting secretary), Amanda Chamberlayne, Colin Rogers, John Smith, Jeremy Keck, Peter Nesbitt


Chris Soane, John Lovell, Richard Wright, Sue Smith

Matt stood in for Chris who was unwell and unable to attend and reported that he would be out of action for about a month. President’s calendar would need to be covered and Matt would contact Lesley for details of any Rotary commitments.


The minutes of the November meeting were signed by President Elect Matt Cass.


PA System storage would be a problem at the Club however it was suggested that Phil McCormack may be interested in ‘looking after it’ at the Theatre. John Sargent would be asked to speak to Frank Lloyd-Murray regarding a small version for Rotary meetings.

Update on Centenary wishing well still awaited – Matt would chase up Ian Stuart for progress report. Matt would progress the making of a clock and contact Graham Howell regarding.

Card Reader update – Jeremy and Matt have used it and it works, used it when the lights were switched on and took a donation from one person which worked well. Ideally it could be used at the Store Collections but charges are taken at 1.25%, and some difficulty in allocating to correct accounts. A second reader is now available Matt and Jeremy will trial them at a store collection.

Unfortunately Kids Out Winter event didn’t happen and Helen Chidgey has since resigned from Club

Rudolph’s are selling at the Tree of Light up date report awaited from Richard Wright

Phil McCormack sourcing second hand chairs for Friendship Café – Phil to update on progress


Chris Soane apologies received


Sue Smith apologies received


Matt Cass reported on this years Santa Fun run, 220 people attended (125 from last year) and the feedback was positive. Matt and Council wanted to thank Pat Collins and Ken Watson for helping out which was invaluable and it was acknowledged that more Rotary Volunteers would be needed for next year. £1587 was raised.

Matt reported that upon checking Rotary Facebook page a request was received for support for Christmas for a local family and this was passed to John Smith for the Salvation Army and Matt would reply


Jason Smith not attending


apologies received


Jeremy Keck confirmed that Martin Henshaw is taking over the general and lunch accounts and Jeremy would focus on Rotary in Gloucester, Centenary and Charity accounts. Gratuity is being collected for the Walls club staff from members lunch accounts and will be presented on 14th December to the staff.



Peter Nesbitt reported that Amanda Chong was interviewed recently and will progress to full membership, she will be appointed to Community and Youth with Peter as her mentor. The paperwork will be handed to John Lovell for her 10 day notice to be issued.

3-4 prospective new members will be attending 14thDecember. With 3 more attending club meeting on 4th January 2019.


Richard Wright reported that Winter Kids out was postponed due to a double booking and incorrect dates had been given to the schools this will now be held on 4th February 11am in LunaCity GL1, tickets would be £5 which will be covered by Rotary Grant monies for 60 children. Martin Henshaw, Colin Dunford, Pat Collins and Richard Wright will man the desks, register the children and issue wristbands.

Packing food boxes with the Salvation Army will take place on Wednesday 12th December at 10am. John and Lorraine Lovell, Ken and Caroline Watson and Barbara Seed are helping.


Amanda Chamberlayne reported that all was going well, although there had been a few issues with Rugby carparking on Friday evenings with some of the Imperial staff and the changing of padlocks – Amanda has been invited to speak to the new manager about this by her contact there. £8,887 taken so far with Carparking, Donations and Fun Run.

Christmas Store collections and Street Collections were in hand, although a few more volunteers were required for the Street Collections.


Colin Rogers Snooker was off to a flying start with the draw having been announced and 1st round matches to be played by end of January 2019.

The Horticulture Cup competition was underway with Amaryllis bulbs available for £10. A ‘planting date’ would be announced shortly.

New Years Dinner planned 5th January and Past Presidents Dinner on 27th April were in hand.

Various suggestions are being looked at for an outside Club visit and a Charity evening with an International Rugby Star is to be planned for 2019.

Senior Citizen’s Party – Jeremy Keck will be organising the entertainment and Matt has asked for a Rotarian to help support him with the paperwork, invitations and driver allocations.


John Smith reported that he had received an email from Peter Wells, District 1100 Foundation chairman to say that this year’s District Grants are ready to be sent out. This, £750, plus the £1250 the club has set aside will fund the solar powered water purification from the atmosphere project at the Health Clinic in Fiji.

A suggestion was put that we as a club support/sponsor a student to train for a year to work at a leprosy clinic in India at a cost of £750 – on 18th January Trevor Grant from Leprosy mission will be speaking to Club about the project. Following this, it is hoped that a District Grant could be applied to enable us to sponsor x2 students.


Jan Layton-Smith not attending


Jeremy Keck nothing to report


Matt will follow up


Colin reported that 60 water filters had been sold to date.

Date of next meeting: Monday 11th February, 1800 at Cass Stephens Offices (no January meeting)

Council Minutes

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