Minutes of Meeting 12th February 2024

Rotary Club of Gloucester Council Meeting Minutes Date: 12th February 2024 18:00-20:00 Venue: Dynamic Sales, Brockworth

Club Number: 19313

Charity Number: 274097



PRESENT: Chris Rawlings (Pres) Angela Seddon (Secretary), John Sargent (Int) Phil McCormick (SVP), Colin Rogers (Sports & Soc), Julian Farr (Membership), Clive Hannis (IPP), Jeremy Keck (Treas)

VISITORS: John Stubbings (C&Y representative)

APOLOGIES: Amanda Chamberlayne (Fund), Martin Henshaw (C&Y)

MINUTES: Minutes from January were accepted as a true and accurate record by Council and signed by President.


Delighted with the efforts being made to bring in new members and feel we are making strong progress which is no doubt linked to our increased digital presence. The number of posts going out on Facebook and their relevance seems to have increased so thanks to all who provide the content and issue the posts.

The money raised from the Salvation Army Festival of Music, a marvellous £950, will be used by Alabare here in our Gloucester home to commission the services of Gloucester based charity Wiggly, formerly Wiggly Worm, recently relocated from Springbank Cheltenham to Westgate Street above the Cavern, to deliver a programme of cooking and budgeting for the seven veterans in the Gloucester home to help them with their move on journeys. This is a great example of us leveraging our impact through a circular economy and the local economic multiplier effect. Money raised locally, spent with local providers who in turn procure goods locally and employ local people, 60% of whose wages are spent back into the local economy. All this whilst having the key benefit of supporting the onward journeys of those who have served their country and subsequently fallen on hard times. It is hoped that Alabare will utilise this case study in their future publications.

Has written personally to club members yet to take on the Presidential role urging them to consider the opportunity.



IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: Clive Hannis community awards are now in double digits on applications received and is being pushed through social media and other outlets with a lot of success.


Received letters requesting help from various organisations were discussed and would be passed on to the relevant organisation and the Children’s Trust fund for consideration. Signposting would also be given to the Gloucestershire funding bulletin – VCS alliance.

PRESIDENT ELECT: Phil McCormick theatre meeting taken place with Glos University who have said ‘if you build it we will come’ and will become an extension of their arts courses and funding will be attracted and they can use on a daily basis. Providing an arts degree with a theatre. Benefits of University is that if it becomes an educational venue there will be no rates payable and therefore the cost will disappear.  Glos Diocese was a possible other buyer of the premises and Phil has been in contact with the Diocese to talk about the project who have agreed to step back to allow the project to go ahead as it would benefit the local community.  Further meeting with the Diocese to establish exactly where they are.

Heritage Hub meeting taken place regarding the mystery play scripts being now deposited ready to use in the future and the history play being used for 2025.

Pushing various things on social media to generate interest in Rotary included a bit about our history – quite a lot of feedback has been received including from a gentleman who had lived in the City 30 years and didn’t really know anything much about us other than we give out money, which he felt was really good. However, one thing that is becoming apparent we assume too much about what people know about Rotary.

An ex Mayor ex Counsellor Mohammed Hansdot is very interested in membership – unfortunately Friday’s are a no go for him and his community. He is keen and is a well connected person from the City.

Phil replies to everyone who has commented on his posts..

Phil attended the recent PETs meeting and was disappointed that only 1/3rd of President Elects attended but was a really interesting meeting. The Gloucester SVPs (except Severn at the moment as they were not in attendance) have now set up a Whatsapp group of SVP to share ideas and ensure that there are no overlaps.

JUNIOR PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Vacancy – Consideration needed for leadership positions for 2025-2026, 2026-2027 and 2027-2028 and beyond.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Angela Seddon-Hill

District Boules £15 per team and Skittles competitions are coming back. Treasurer has been asked to submit x2 Boules teams.




Charity Account £14,015.94
Charity Saver £40,428.70
General Account £5,146.62
General Saver £6,099.99
Lunch Account £6,885.76


Forecast for the year £53,433 future spend is £31,000.

It is traditional to carry forward £10,000 into future years, therefore our current surplus funds stand at £5,149.83.




We have 38 members in our Club.

Gloucester Quays have 42 members and 3 honorary members Gloucester Severn have 43 members and 7 honorary members Rotary @Kingsholm 21 members and 1 honorary member

Julian Farr (Chair) – reported that a membership brainstorming meeting had been held which included non-council members David Seed, Ola Akinlaye, Graham Howell and Sue Smith to discuss the future of our Club. The meeting discussed at length many aspects of Rotary, our Club, our membership, member dynamics, structure, meeting timings and our ever decreasing ability to fulfil our ‘Service above Self’ motto when we only have a handful of members able to take part in our activities. Serious concerns were voiced about the future of our Club.

It is important that members are aware that we have some very serious problems moving forward particularly with an aging membership population and very few new members coming in and whilst many members have truly served their communities and their Club over many, many years of duty we really need to lay down the foundations for our Legacy to keep going into perpetuity.

The overwhelming feeling by those at the meeting was that we need to do something drastic and immediately so that can ensure the future of our Club and to do what we need to attract new members and in particular those from the professional communities.


The recommendation put to Council:

  1. The Club will meet on alternate Friday lunchtimes and Thursday
  2. The meetings will follow the same structure, format and timings that we already have in place.

Friday Lunch times – seating at 1230, lunch service from 1245-1315, Club business followed by speaker from 1330–1355. Bell rings at 1400.

Thursday evenings – seating at 1830, dinner service from 1845-1915, Club business followed by speaker from 1930-1955. Bell rings at 2000.

5 week month – this will not change and where there is a fifth Thursday in the month we will continue to have an evening meeting 1830-2200 with partners and a Carvery.

It is hoped that the Friday Lunchtime and Thursday Evenings will enable us to attract more working professionals to our meetings. If they are unable to attend a Friday lunch then at least they will be able to support at least a 50% attendance rate.

The Rotary Club of Gloucester Website will become a great source of information for all members regarding meetings and speaker programme. www.rotaryclubofgloucester.co.uk

It is hoped that all current members will understand the need for us to take the Club forward in a positive and productive way and by being flexible in our meetings we hope to continue our Legacy for future members and for at least another 50 if not 100 years.

Council felt that this was a proactive positive approach and hoped that members would welcome these new arrangements and support the future of our Club.

Council therefore, FULLY APPROVED the proposal and new meeting schedule will commence from 1st April 2024.

A full review will take place after 12 months.


COMMUNITY AND YOUTH – John Stubbings (deputising for Martin Henshaw) Allocated approved budget £18,400

Community initiatives are all on budget or under at the moment. Gloucester 9 project is now undergoing a consolidation as they no longer want as much as we can give them. We are now stockpiling clothing. Some areas including White City just don’t want anything. Possibly a storage issue with them.


Great Western Air Ambulance are really behind the initiative and want to put a big piece on their social media channels and visit our Club.     In some neighbourhoods it is hard to find the prime movers who need to contact us with requests rather than us chasing them for contact and asking whether they want anything.

Adopting a School initiative – Martin Henshaw has met with Coney Hill Primary School who are really keen for Rotary to adopt them from September for one academic year as a trial, gradually increasing up to 4 schools. A meeting and a working party with Coney Hill school will take place shortly.  The ‘golden table’ is a result of the Rotary young voices.

This Is a really great example of how we are establishing our presence in the Community.

Kids Out – going exceptionally well. Full risk assessments and food safety hygiene certificates would be kept and Richard Wright was responsible for completing and obtaining these.

FUNDRAISING – Amanda Chamberlayne – Rugby car parking £5241.71 thanks to those who have been able to support the collections.


SPORTS AND SOCIAL – Colin Rogers – Theatre trips will be on offer and boards will come round soon. District Boules and Skittles team are coming back this year and we will require captains to organise and liaise with the district teams officers. A friendly golf round/society within the Club to be considered using one of the Golf cups that we have in store.

INTERNATIONAL – John Sargent – District Grant (Jill Johnson) given for the Australia project still waiting on whether we can reuse the grant for another purpose or not.

Received a phone call recently from the Association of Ukrainians Gloucester branch have organised an outing for adolescences (20) and (10) younger children who go to the Ukranian school on a Saturday morning and who want to understand the history of England, to Oxford for the day.   The coach is costing £600 and the committee wanted to provide a donation of £300 towards the cost. Council approved the spend.

FRIENDSHIP SCATTER – Amanda Chamberlayne meeting will take place on Amanda’s



FELLOWSHIP AND HOUSE – Apologies to Colin Rogers by Wednesday. Meeting arrival for 1230, seating by 1245.   Running smoothly but hard work behind the scenes.

House need to be informed ahead when visitors are expected and as to why they are coming to make sure that they sit in the best place for them.



Lots of posts going out across social media and the Rotary website has been updated.

Traction figures will be submitted on a monthly basis: We currently have followers on Facebook (573) Instagram (68) and Linked in (293) which are building all the time. We are gathering information on our website traffic.

Secretary Angela currently meets on a monthly basis with Carol our website creator to update where information is available.

Gala Dinner Saturday 27th April 2024 a few tickets are still available. All members are asked to promote this event far and wide.


  1. a generic President’s email address would be provided
  2. any photographs and stories for the Rotary website should be submitted to secretary Angela for submission to the


DATES OF NEXT MEETING: 11th March, 8th April, 13th May. Dining out on 10th June.

Council Minutes

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