Minutes of Meeting 13th May 2019

Minutes of the Rotary Club of Gloucester’s Council meeting on Monday, May 13th 2019

Club number 19313 | Charity number 274097


President Chris Soane, Matt Cass, Peter Nesbitt, Colin Rogers, John Sargent, David Seed, Sue Smith, Jason Smith, Amanda Chamberlayne, John Weygang and John Lovell


Richard Wright, John Smith, Jan Layton-Smith and Jeremy Keck


The minutes of the April meeting and the AGM meeting were signed without amendment.


President Chris said he had arranged two lunchtime carveries before the end of his year in office – on May 24th and June 21st.


  • ‘Mystery’ cheque:- President Chris reported that a £600 cheque from district was in respect of holidays for disadvantaged children. David S said that the club would be enabling 10 parents and children to go on holiday this year.
  • Sound Equipment:- Council accepted a quote from Frank Lloyd-Murray for £873.90 for audio equipment. This included a generous discount. John S pointed out that ‘a little more might still need to be spent’ and that it was essential to ensure that it was kept in a secure location. Council also agreed to offer its existing sound equipment to Inner Wheel.
  • District:- President Chris said that club representatives had attended – and registered – at a recent District meeting which ensured the club was eligible to apply for district grants.
  • The President handed assistant treasurer John Weygang a belated cheque for the Tree of Light project.


Sus S reported on a successful and enjoyable visit to Rodez by club Rotarians including four who had never been before. Sue said she had discussed next year’s centenary dinner with the Rodez club and had emphasized that it would be starting on time whether or not our Rodez visitors were present. This had been understood and Rodez Rotarians were now considering the possibility of travelling to Gloucester a day earlier.

Sue also expressed concern over a shortage of volunteers to sell programmes at the Tall Ships event…………….but she was still hopeful.


  • Report for District:- Matt said he was in the process of compiling a club assembly report for district outlining major events and projects during his years in office. This would inevitably include centenary events
  • Centenary grant? David S said that he understood the Bristol club had received a District grant towards its centenary. He was still trying to discover the exact amount and the criteria which needed to be met for the grant and was hopeful that a similar amount might be forthcoming for our club’s centenary since it would be a major profile raising event.
  • Matt said that any accommodation or other queries regarding the Weymouth District Conference between Friday 13th and Sunday 15th of March next year should go to incoming junior vice president Richard Wright.


No report


No report. John, who is standing down, was thanked by the President and Council for his work over the past 6 years.


In the absence of the treasurer, John W reported that the club was ‘solvent’.



Peter N reported that he was now in the process of handing over the chair of membership to Julian Farr. To date this year four new members had joined the club and there were four potential members in the pipeline. Members discussed the possibility of a Rotary ‘business card’ for possible distribution by members. It was agreed that such an item could be useful. Peter agreed to look into it further.


In Richard’s absence David highlighted the following

  • 1Carers – David said that money already budgeted to meet the costs of days out for carers would remain until the new organisation tasked with caring for carers – the PeoplePlus Group – had decided their policy over working with our club.
  • RYLA – John S reported that two suitable candidates had been selected from the Crypt as RYLA candidates with a reserve candidate from Ribston.
  • Young Voices:- David said that it had been agreed to extend the project from three to five schools and the club would pay for their involvement in the event at Birmingham’s NEC.
  • Rotary Community Awards:- David said that applications for grants had been received from 37 organisations. Of these 21 had been approved, 10 rejected and six were still being considered. On a positive note the Quays club had increased their funding from £2,000 to £3,500 this year but contributions from Kingsholm and Severn remained at £2,000. The grants would be distributed at the lunchtime meeting on June 14th
  • Asian Carers – David said that this group now also included representatives of the Chinese and Eastern European groups in the city. Its main source of income was its Friendship Café which had obtained new tables and chairs thanks to the involvement of club Rotarian Phil McCormick. The club had also donated £1,000 on a 50-50 basis with the organisation


Amanda reported that with two concerts and Tall Ships to go, fundraising this year should easily be above the £30,000.

It was reported that discussions were still continuing over the possible use of land owned by Tesco as an alternative car park when Imperial is denied to the club and becomes a supermarket.


Colin R said that there were lots of things in the pipeline including skittles and a walk around Ledbury with former club member Nick Bury as guide. He also suggested the possibility of an art competition.


  • In John Smith’s absence John Sargent reported that the club had just received a report from Fiji on the successful commissioning of a solar water pump for which the club had provided funding.
  • John reported that John Smith had experienced problems using the form on the district website in order to submit a district grant application in respect of a Leprosy Mission. The club had agreed a £750 donation towards training which it was hoped could be doubled by a district grant. Since John Smith was on holiday John S said he was now trying to complete the application on the website.
  • Members agreed to record the club’s thanks to John Smith for his work over the years particularly on international. He is now in the process of leaving the area. John Sargent will be taking over chairmanship.


In Jan’s absence, it was reported that Mandy Chong would be the new chair of Fellowship and House. Colin Rogers said he would continue taking apologies.


Nothing further to report.


Matt said that a meeting had – finally – been held regarding plans for a centenary wishing well at the Quays between representatives of Peel Holdings, the City Council and the club. Various locations had been visited and a site had been chosen near Albion Cottages which is also close to the Southgate entrance to the docks. Ian Stuart and Graham Howell were now progressing the site on behalf of the club. Matt was confident that the necessary money could be raised, if necessary by crowdfunding.

David S said he would be having a meeting of the centenary dinner committee shortly when the allocation of tickets would be in focus. To date club members had committed to purchasing 86 seats. Severn, Quays, Kingsholm and Rodez had also indicated an interest in having tickets.


Colin R said he had been in touch with BBC Radio Gloucestershire regarding Kids Out next month when over 1,000 children and adults would be there. Jason S said he would try to encourage the station’s participation.

Council agreed to a suggestion by John Lovell that he enters the club in the Believe in Gloucester awards.

The date, time and place of the first meeting of the new presidential year still has to be decided.

Council Minutes

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