Minutes of Meeting 19th October 2015

Minutes of Rotary Club of Gloucester’s Council meeting on Monday, October 19th 2015

Club number 19313 | Charity number 274097


Ian Stuart (president), Martin Henshaw, Sue Smith, Jan Layton-Smith, Amanda Chamberlayne, Clive Hannis, Jeremy Keck, Peter Nesbitt, Hamilton Elliott and John Lovell (secretary).


John Weygang, David Seed and John Smith


Minutes of the September meeting were signed without amendment.


All matters under this head were dealt with elsewhere on the agenda.


  • Ian said he had received Sarah Powell’s resignation in which she cited domestic reasons for her decision. He had spoken to her in the hope of prompting a rethink but without avail. Sarah said she hoped to rejoin at some time in the future but this was the right decision for now. She then thanked the club for six wonderful years. It was agreed the president would send a letter of thanks to Sarah.
  • The President said he had been unable to contact the Guildford Rotary Club in respect of a promotional talk for its Eye Project and and did not intend to progress it further.
  • Ian said he had spoken to the District Governor and invited him to a lunchtime meeting.
  • He had spoken with assistant district governor Paul Kerrod who had asked if the club could host a zone meeting in May 2016. Council agreed with reservations and strongly urged that invitations should be focused on presidents and vice presidents.
  • Ian said he had received e-mails asking for the club’s financial support for various projects and individuals. These were all passed to the Community/Youth committee for their consideration.


  • Nothing to report


  • Martin Henshaw said he had had no interest shown in the District Conference which will take place from 11-13 March 2016 in Weymouth.
  • Martin said there would be two district mini conventions on January 14th and March 3rd


  • Nothing to report


  • John said that he had received two requests for leave of absence – one from Pat Collins from November 12th to March 25th next year – the other from Sue Smith from November 24th till March 18th. Both were granted.


  • Nothing to report.



  • Following Sarah’s resignation Clive Hannis agreed to be committee chairman. His committee’s first task will be to draw up a new list of prospective members.


  • Jan Layton-Smith asked if anyone knew the whereabouts of the medallion for the junior vice president. Clive H said he had had it during his year in office and would try to find it.
  • Jan asked if any club member might be able to offer the committee the use of an old briefcase.
  • She was also investigating the possibility of providing a defibrillator for the Wall’s Club and was advised to get in touch with John Weygang.


In John Smith’s absence Hamilton Elliott introduced this report the highlights of which were:-

  • Ken Watson said that he was now receiving help from a number of club members with the aquabox project.
  • It had been agreed that the club’s response to the refugee crisis was to become involved with the City Council and other bodies when Syrian refugees arrived in Gloucester. To this end it was agreed to invite a representative of the Gloucester Asylum and Refugee Association (GARA) to speak to the club on Friday, November 20th. It was also agreed that the secretary should invite the Presidents/Treasurers or other representatives of city-based Rotary clubs to the meeting in order to formulate a pan-Rotary response to the crisis.
  • Hamilton said that the committee had agreed that if there was no significant progress on the Rosemore Home project at George in South Africa by the end of this year, the money, dedicated for a project in memory of Colin Eynon, should be spent on a Rotary home in Fiji.


In David Seed absence Peter Nesbitt presented a comprehensive programme on behalf of this committee which received council’s support


Sue Smith presented the committee report the highlights of which were:-

  • Both of the club’s boules teams had progressed to the district finals – one had come second from top and the other second from bottom.
  • Significant dates:- Christmas lunch with partners – December 18th at Bowden Hall; New Year’s Dinner – January 8th at Brickhampton; Senior Citizwna’ Party – April 17th; Rodez weekend in Barcelona – 13th – 15th May (Sue is making contact with local Spanish clubs to make it a truly international weekend!)


Jeremy Keck said only a few members tended to look at the members’ side of the website.With reference to photographs Clive H said he would be willing to advise Jeremy on how to resize and crop pictures for use on the site


Amanda introduced the committee report:-

  • She said the club had had a fantastic start to the year by raising an amazing £2,386 at car parks during World Rugby Cup games in the city. In addition there was the possibility of a further £1,000 from Barclays Bank (which the treasurer subsequently confirmed). As the club’s biggest fundraiser Amanda, urged that all members should offer to help with car parking at Gloucester’s home matches during the rugby season about to start.
  • Arrangements for the Tree of Light were well in hand and rotas for this and for the Christmas street and store collections would be circulated around the club shortly. All permissions and licences had been granted.
  • On December 21st the club was booked to collect at two stores but with the help of ARC/Inner Wheel/Scouts Amanda didn’t anticipate this should be a problem. President Ian said he would be in touch with Inner Wheel President Joy Picken to see if there was any way in which we could help them and senior vice Martin Henshaw said he was investigating a joint money raiser with IW during his year in office.
  • President Ian and Jeremy K reported progress on arrangements for a charity concert at Gloucester Cathedral on February 6, 2016 featuring the London Welsh Voice Choir to raise money for Hope for Tomorrow a charity which provides mobile chemotherapy units in the county. Profits would be shared equally between the club and the charity. A representative from Hope for Tomorrow was due to speak at club on October 23


  • President Ian led a discussion on attendance at Friday club meetings following a recent occasion when only 13 members were present. Various suggestions and observations were made which will be considered by the membership committee who will report back to council.
  • Peter Nesbitt said he had taken possession of a number Colin Eynon’s files outlining at least 20 international projects. He and Martin Henshaw will look at best these can be stored and where.
  • Martin Henshaw said he would be taking part in a sleep over at the Cathedral to raise money for the Cathedral’s Breakfast Club and also for the Home for Veterans and would be seeking club support.

The next meeting of the council will be on Monday, November 16th – same venue, same time.

Council Minutes

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