Minutes of Meeting 20th September 2018

Minutes of Rotary Club of Gloucester’s Council meeting on Monday 20th September 2018

Club number 19313 | Charity number 274097


President Chris Soane, Acting Secretary Angela Seddon, Peter Nesbitt, Matt Cass, Jason Smith, Jan Leyton-Smith,


John Lovell, Sue Smith, Richard Wright, John Weygang, John Smith, Jeremy Keck


The minutes of the July meeting were circulated, approved and signed by President Chris


  • Sound system improvements – Matt updated council with a contact who does Glos Severn’s sound system who has recommended that we get our own surround sound system so that we would be fully portable but their system looked ‘over the top’. Council agreed that we should use the earphone microphone system that we already have as a trial, ensuring speakers use the microphone, and meanwhile Frank Lloyd-Murray would be approached through John Sargent to review. ACTION: John Sargent
  • Windsor town sign – follow up with Jason Smith. Jason would look at how many entry signs there are to Gloucester and if we supplied the information he could look at how we get the Rotary information onto the boards ready for centenary. ACTION: Jason Smith
  • Mobile phones and card readers for Rugby and Tree of Light – previously Sue Smith has borrowed paypal machines for Civic Trust events. Council felt we could trial it and Sue would be approached by Jason to secure the devices. ACTION: Jason Smith
  • Charter Certificate has now been framed and the original is with Jeremy Keck and the copy is on the wall at the Wall’s Club.
  • A bouquet of flowers has now been sent to Inner Wheel President Jean Toy on her appointment and a thank you card received.


  • President had been in email contact with the proposed new Lord Lieutenant, Edward Gillespie OBE to congratulate him and to welcome him as an honorary member of the Club. He has responded to confirm that he expects to be briefed on his diary prior to his formal appointment on 29th October. President mentioned Community Awards lunch on 14th June as an important event that hoped would be included in his diary.
  • The first meeting of the four Gloucester Presidents is set for 20th September 2018
  • There are five Friday lunch meetings in November but the Aquabox evening meeting on 13th October is likely to be too close to encourage support for another evening meeting so soon. President proposes to have a single evening meeting in March 2019 which was Agreed by Council. Date for diary 29th March 2019.
  • John Smith has recommended a £100 grant be given to the local Gloucester Kerala Appeal and £500 through the Rotary GB&I fund which seems to be an acceptable proposal to the members. Agreed in principle by Council but Treasurer to be consulted as to appropriate funding availability. ACTION: President


Nothing to report


Centenary Wishing Well plans have come through for the Pillar & Lucy Square proposal, a space (No8) has been reserved in their plans which is directly opposite the Cinema for this project. Design now to be finalised by MCass, GHowell and IStuart together with costings. Fundraising ideas can then be planned. Matt has ideas for this such as ‘buy a brick’ and Jason suggested a permanent contactless swipe card machine. ACTION: Matt Cass


Asked for more information regarding organising District Conference as this falls to the Junior President. The next Conference is in Torquay on Friday 15th March until Sunday 17th March 2019. ACTION: Jason Smith


Nothing to report

President informed Council that Graham Howell has applied for extended leave of absence which has been approved as an ongoing open ended leave of absence.

10. TREASURER’S REPORT (Jeremy Keck)

Nothing to report


MEMBERSHIP (Peter Nesbitt)

  • Minutes from meeting held 20.07.18 were circulated to Council prior to meeting. Clarification was approved by Council on:
  • Widow status: (a) active members who had passed away whilst in service (b) retired members who had resigned due to illness (c) those who had left with long service of at least 10 years
  • Friends of Rotary – those who supported activities or events of the Club. It was agreed that Andrew Holloway had not supported any activities or events within the Club over the past 12 months and he would therefore now be removed from the Friends list
  • Christmas Lunch invitations – for Rotarians and their Partners, Honorary Members and the President of Inner Wheel only. This invitation is not extended to ‘Friends’ of the Club.
  • Membership meeting 19th October – very few members of the club have taken up the challenge of introducing a new member which was disappointing. However, we do currently have 5 prospective members attending the new members lunch on 19th October, all of whom are expected to become full members. There are a further 3 who are unable to attend the meeting but have expressed interest in becoming members.


Report circulated to President from meeting held 5th September 2018.

Letter of appreciation was received for the support provided by the Club for the recent Music Festival which was successful.

Asian Carers – £900 to be awarded to fund workshops to engage with carers from South Asian communities. The Friendship Café also has a requirement for stacking chairs and folding tables Phil McCormick will check availability from a second-hand source. ACTION: Phil McCormick

Young Carers – It was agreed to pay for tickets and an ice cream to a pantomime as their Christmas Party. Members to be canvased for support with transport to and from.

Kids Out – Winter Event – 4th December at 11am – required three volunteers to register the schools and hand out arm bands ACTION: Helen Chidgey

FUNDRAISING (Amanda Chamberlayne)

No report from Chairman

Matt has received email from Martin Chidgey regarding the Santa Fun Run to start publicising as soon as possible. Run is on Saturday 8th December 2018. ACTION: Matt Cass

Richard Wright wished to sell hand-made wooden Reindeer at the Tree of Light to raise money for Rotary, Council wondered whether we may need either a hawkers license or a letter with permission from Marketing Gloucester to do so – President will report back to the Tree of Light committee. ACTION: President

New signage had been produced for the Rugby Car Parking together with hand out flyers about Rotary to give to the customers.

John Sargent had raised with the President that there were issues with the early kick-off at the recent Rugby game and they were subjected to abuse from drivers not able to use the car park until after 1300hrs, in particular Margaret Keck took a substantial amount of ‘flack’ which was uncalled for and highly upsetting. President is drafting a letter of thanks and appreciation to Margaret for all that she does for the Club and will also send with some flowers.

President will approach the Rugby Club using his contacts to re-open discussions as to whether the Tesco car park can be utilised by the Rotary Club during matches. ACTION: President


No report

President suggested that now Llanthony Priory is up and running it may be a good venue for a club trip and would like Sports & Social to pursue. ACTION: Sport & Ents


Minutes from meeting held 09.09.18 were circulated to Council prior to meeting.

Celebration dinner – Brickhampton Golf Club Saturday 13th October 7 for 730pm. Boards will be circulated shortly.

Water Project – The committee supported the purchase of water filters from Aquabox. Cost of £25 with 12 in a box. Recommendation to purchase 10 boxes (£3000) for this year.


Update required on the purchase of the Defibrilator to which Wall’s Club has agreed to pay 50:50. Jason recommended that if we go through the Police it would be placed on a database that both Police and the NHS would have access to the location. If it was placed on an outside wall in suitable locked casing it would be accessible even when the club was closed. Jason would pass on a contact to Jan Layton-Smith to make enquiries.

It was requested that Members be more stringent about apologising. Meals are pre-ordered only for those who have booked to attend. Therefore, if anyone arrives but has put in an apology they should not expect to receive a meal but are of course, welcome to stay for the meeting.

Members are reminded to check the attendance sheet to make sure that they have apologised on the correct date and that if they are in the diary to speak and friend and grace that they make sure that they either have a speaker or swap with a member who can get a speaker and attend the meeting. If anyone is unsure about their diary slot please speak to Jan on House.

WEBSITE (Jeremy Keck)

Nothing to report


Nothing from Council members present


There is still some confusion over who is running the various events, and the agendas, in particular the Cathedral Service.

Clarity and an update would be requested by President from Ian Stuart ready for circulating at the next Council meeting. ACTION: President

Date of next meeting – Monday 8th October 2018, 1800hrs at Matt Cass offices

Council Minutes

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