Minutes of Meeting 4th September 2017

Minutes of Rotary Club of Gloucester’s Council meeting on Monday, September 4th , 2017

Club number 19313 | Charity number 274097


President Sue Smith, David Seed, Jan Layton-Smith, John Smith, Chris Soane, Peter Nesbitt, Matt Cass and John Lovell.


John Weygang and Rob Hall.


The minutes of the July meeting were signed without amendment


There were no matters arising.


In her report President Sue:-

Said she had sent letters of sympathy to the presidents of the three Barcelona Rotary clubs in the wake of the recent terrorist atrocity in the city. Two of the clubs had sent appreciative replies. Club members had met the Barcelona Rotarians when our club and Rodez members met in Barcelona last year.

Reported there would be no club representation at the district council meeting on September 6th when we would have been able to send three delegates. Little notice had been given of the meeting and the secretary was asked whether it might be possible to get dates of future meetings well in advance. It was also agreed that in future the club should elect three district representatives rather than the two which it does at present.

Website. She said that the club would be represented at an area meeting on September 12th when there would be a demonstration of how to use the new district website which could also be used as a marketing tool.


No report at this meeting


No report at this meeting


Matt reported on the Santa Fun Run he is organising in Gloucester Park on Saturday, December 9th. This will be a precursor to a much larger event next year. Money will be raised by charging individuals and families to enter. Participants will be expected to dress in suitable festive costumes. At the end of the event participants will be invited to make their way to the Tree of Light in Eastgate Street where medals/prizes will be awarded. He was being helped by club members Helen Chidgey and Chris Rawlings.


Nothing to report


In Jeremy’s absence the president said that the accounts were fine and it was agreed that discussions should take place as how to best disperse any balances left from 2016-17.



Peter Nesbitt said:-

That a new member would be inducted into the club this coming Friday (Mrs Lily Power). Unfortunately we will be losing Nick Bury as a member the same day. There were others in the pipeline although Peter would prefer not to enumerate until the position with respect to their prospective membership became clearer.

President Sue suggested a ‘Junior Friends of Rotary’ group – less formal and less structured than the senior group. Her suggestion had been prompted by help the club had received from university students at the Tall Ships festival. Other young people had also helped the club and such a junior group would enable them to wear a badge and promote both the club and its work. Peter Nesbitt said he would take the idea back to his committee.


David Seed highlighted the following:-

Kids Out – Winter event. Helen Chidgey had undertaken to organise a swimming pool party at GL1 on Tuesday December 5th from 10am – 11.30am for 100 local disadvantaged children. The Kids Out national charity had offered £5 a head towards costs. Those involved would walk to the centre and be supervised by GL1 staff, teachers and parents. Health and safety would be the responsibility of Leisure Centre staff. Club involvment would be to meet and greet, provide refreshments and possible Xmas presents.


In the absence of Amanda C, the president said that rugby parking commitments (and rugby attendance) had blighted a projected fundraiser on September 1st and now threatened to do likewise on November 17th when club member Richard Graham was to speak on ‘Around the World in 60 years’. Attempts were now being made to rearrange Richard’s event.

A flyer and further details would soon be available for the evening meeting on Thursday, September 28th.

Sports and Social

President Sue reported that a grant towards the cost of a boules court at the Wall’s Club had been received from the Barnwood Trust although additional club money would be needed. Work would start later this year and an opening event was being arranged for next spring when it was hoped to invite a number of individuals and organisations interested in using the facility. It was agreed that a board should be erected indicating Rotary and Barnwood Trust’s involvment in providing the facility.


John S reported:-

Aquaboxes – John said that 100 more boxes had been filled and would shortly be taken to the UK depot by Downtons. He was grateful to all those who had been involved in completing the project – particularly Ken Watson.


Jan reported:-

A wheeled and lockable cupboard would be soon available for club use thanks to Graham Howell.

It was agreed that the date of next year’s Rotary Awards presentation would be Friday June 22nd.

In a raffle at the Wall’s Club Jan said she had won the use of the alley for an event and offered it to the club. This was gratefully accepted by Peter Nesbitt who will use it for a new members’ (and partners) evening.


There was nothing to report apart from the club’s attendance at a district website mneeting on September 12th (7 for 7.30pm) at the Whitminster Inn.

Any Other Business

David S queried the popularity of scatter weeks. This was poorly supported this year and would need to be re-examined next year.

It was agreed that Leaves of Absence need not be sought in future although members would still need to make their apologies or be charged for their meals.

Matt C said work was continuing on erecting a blue plaque at the Docks to mark the first meeting of the Rotary Club of Gloucester in 1920. There was also progress of the provision of a Rotary wishing well at the docks to mark the centenary of Rotary in Gloucester.

The secretary briefly outlined a suggestion to separate celebrations of the club centenary in 2020. At present it was envisaged all the events would be held over the first weekend in May. It had been suggested by a group comprising himself, John S and David S that the May weekend be the occasion when Rotary in Gloucester would be celebrated by a dinner and Cathedral service. The club celebrations might then be held over until the next presidential year – possibly in January at the New Year dinner. The suggestions could be discussed by the club at a later date.

Date of next meeting – Monday, October 9th at 6pm. Please indicate in advance whether you are able to attend. This will enable President Sue to decide the venue.

Council Minutes

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