Minutes of Meeting 8th July 2019

Rotary Club of Gloucester Council Meeting Minutes Monday 8th July 2019

Club Number 19313 | Charity Number 274097


Matt Cass (MC) (President), Angela Seddon-Hill (ASH) (Secretary), Richard Wright (RW), Julian Farr (JF), Colin Rogers (CR), Jeremy Keck (JK), Mandy Chong (MC)


Chris Soane, John Sargent


The minutes of the 13th May 2019 meeting were approved and signed by President Matt Cass


none from minutes that are not covered in the rest of the agenda.


Matt Cass welcomed everyone to the first Council Meeting, outlining his priority for this year will be our Centenary and the hope to leave a Legacy that the four Rotary clubs will continue to work together in the future with joint projects.

District Conference 2020 in Weymouth 13-15 March 2020 had 15 Rotarians and partners signed up.  JF will try to get another few couples to attend.   RW will send AS the up to date list via email of those who have already confirmed their attendance.

Matt thanked Chris Rawlins for his £5 donation to President’s charity this year from his book sales.

Joan Powell, outgoing DG sent a District 1100 newsletter where she had mentioned, as promised, our recent Kids Out event.   President wanted to thank Colin Dunford for organising yet another great event.

Events being organised by Rotary Club of Kingsholm and Quays who are both supporting our Centenary events:

Cotswold Male voice choir – Rotary @ Kingsholm 9th August 2019 at Maisemore Village Hall 1930pm £8 per ticket.

Quays Gloucester Beer Festival at the Farmers Club 20th and 21st September £5 per ticket.

Members are urged to support these events where possible.  Flyers available from the House table.

Current Hi-Viz vests only have Rotary on the back.  It was agreed that they should have a Rotary Rondial on the front.  Chris Rawlins would print these for anyone who wishes to have their current hi-viz updated.

Any current stocks of polo shirts, jumpers and wet weather capes that members hold should be brought to club to be held securely by, and sold via House.

Rotary Car Parking was raised with the advent of the closure of Imperial.   ASH would speak to Amanda Chamberlayne (Fundraising) for update on any alternative venues to report back to Council.  MC would look at the costings for Rotary Flags to promote Rotary presence.

A Rotary Club of Gloucester Centenary Booklet is being designed and compiled by John Lovell who is requesting photographs from past club events for inclusion.

Richard Colley, Gloucester Severn is in charge of the Rotary in Gloucester website and is requesting information to put on to the Four Club website – our 100th year plans and money raised through the Community Awards as an example.  David Seed to send info on Community Awards, Ian Stuart to send information as and when available on the Centenary plans.


Chris Soane apologies received


Jason Smith no report


Richard Wright – covered previously in President’s report and he was currently organising our attendance at the District Conference


Angela Seddon-Hill – We have now received from RIBI insurance confirmation covering Public and Employers Liability for all Rotary events.  The policy excludes the setting off of fireworks and should be available for any event to prove Public Liability and be part of all event Risk Assessments.   Insurance is with Aviva and information can be provided by Secretary for those organising events.

We now require a nominated person to cover all aspects of Health & Safety and Risk Assessments for our events as Helen Chidgey has now resigned from the club.    MC raised that Rotary have stated that we should have First aid kits for both of our Rugby car parks which should be sourced and an adequate risk assessment completed, MC will investigate.

Correspondence received from Area 4 Assistant Governor, Alexandra Lloyd-Jones regarding RYLA where there are 6 places across District not yet filled.  We also need to appoint a Youth Leader on DMS (data management system) as we do not have representation.   Information sent to Community & Youth Chairman Richard Wright who would source a representative accordingly.


Jeremy Keck has now spoken to Peter Morgan, Gloucester Quays (Accountant) who has agreed to Audit our Charity account again.    Rotary Club of Gloucester Trust fund trustees would be clarified by JK as to whether an audit was required and who that person was.

Budgets have been received from Community and Youth committee only.   Budgets needed to be submitted from Committee Chairman expecting to spend money this year.   A fundraising report was also required so that any estimated income could be reviewed especially in view of the loss of Imperial car parking.



Julian Farr will produce an up to date A4 membership booklet which will be for sale on House desk for a nominal Rotary donation of £2.


Richard Wright reported that the committee had not yet met.   However, we are still going to be involved with Gloucester Carers this year and Richard is communicating with the new company who have confirmed that they would like us to continue our support.  A report should be available at the next meeting.  RYLA – we have 2 candidates with a possible further place available.   Young Voices was so impressive at the NEC that it is planned to increase the number of schools involved from 3 to 5 for this year.


Amanda Chamberlayne not present and MC would contact directly to discuss budget and back up for Rugby car parking.  Mandy Chong would look at Denmark Road as a potential new venue as she has a contact there.


Colin Rogers had submitted a detailed and varied programme for this year.   Thursday evening events would be social and therefore the subsequent Friday lunch meetings would continue as normal.


John Sargent apologies received


Mandy Chong will hold committee meetings with the team and all new members should be included on the committee and on house as a way to get to know the membership.  Mandy would compile a general ‘roles and responsibilities’ paper and with AS would look at budget requirements for jewels required for handovers etc.


Jeremy Keck has uploaded the new club diary and is also looking after uploading membership comings and goings.  Friday meeting speaker’s reports would be put together by club secretary and website master and uploaded accordingly.

12. AOB:

CENTENARY Ian Stuart no report

Colin Rogers – will be launching the painting competition on Friday 19th July at Club which will then be judged later in the year.

DATE OF NEXT MEETING: Monday 9th September 2019

Council Minutes

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