Minutes of Meeting 8th October 2018

Minutes of Rotary Club of Gloucester’s Council meeting on Monday, October 8, 2018

Club number 19313 | Charity number 274097


President Chris Soane, Sue Smith, David Seed. Peter Nesbitt, John Smith, Jeremy Keck, Colin Rogers, John Weygang. Matt Cass, Amanda Chamberlayne, Jan Layton-Smith, Ian Stuart and John Lovell.


Richard Wright.


The minutes of the July and September meetings were signed by President Chris.


All matters under this heading were dealt with elsewhere on the agenda.


  • President Chris reported on talks he had had with Tesco regarding the possible use of land owned by them for car parking when the Imperial Car Park was no longer available to the club. Unfortunately the Tesco land would attract business rating should it be used as a car park and – even with a charity discount and other concessions the City Council might offer there would still be a bill of between £4,000 – £5,000. Chris said this would not make it financially viable for our club’s use. However talks were continuing. Amanda C was also talking with the Gala Club which had 50 spaces on offer.
  • Chris said that moves to improve the sound system at the Wall’s Club had met with a degree of success with the introduction of headsets. Consideration was now being given to a loud speaker on the bar. This was still work in progress and Frank Lloyd Murray and John Sargent were working on it.
  • It was agreed there would be no club meeting on Friday, December 28. The first meeting after Christmas would be on Friday January 4.
  • President Chris said he would investigate further the possibility of selling wooden reindeers at the Tree of Light. It was pointed out that a street vendors licence would be needed but Sue S said that she and Junior Vice President Jason Smith were both city freemen and, as such, enjoyed the right to trade in the streets without a licence.


  • Sue S said she had circulated details of the projected visit to Rodez between May 3 – May 6 next year and would like to have an indication from members of how many might be going before she went on leave of absence in November


  • No report


  • No report


  • Leave of absence had been requested by Sue S from November 2, 2018 until March 13 2019. This was granted.


  • Jeremy K said that all club accounts were satisfactory. He also reported the purchase of a card reader for possible use at fundraising events. This interacted with his phone and could enable a contribution to be made when the donor had no immediate cash to hand. This was also work in progress.
  • Jeremy said that two members had not yet paid their annual subs. In the first instance this would be referred to their sponsor(s) to pursue before referral to the membership committee.



  • Peter N said that 10-11 visitors were expected at the meeting to launch a new membership campaign on October 19 when the District Governor would also be visiting the club. It was agreed that Colin R circulate ex-Rotarian Nick Bury’s memorable Cathedral address at the centenary service. Copies would also be made for prospective new members.
  • On the proposal of Peter N, seconded by Jeremy K that the secretary be asked to circulate a seven day letter in respect of prospective new member Jason Bolton.


  • In the absence of Richard Wright, David S said that a winter Kids Out would take place at GL1 on Tuesday, December 4 from 11am. It was being co-ordinated by Rotarian Helen Chidgey and would have a Winter Wonderland theme. Only three Rotary volunteers would be needed to register the schools and hand out armbands.
  • David also appealed for the use of a sleigh and was informed that one might be available at Rotary at Kingsholm.
  • David said he had been impressed by a booklet illustrating the work of the international committee. It was agreed that a similar booklet might usefully be produced for his committee and made available to new members.


  • Amanda C said a couple of the car park takings at recent Saturday games had been remarkable but there had been disappointing receipts from recent Friday evening games. Organisation of the store collections were well in hand thanks to John Sargent and a member of Rotarian Jason Smith’s team at Marketing Gloucester had taken over the organisation of the Santa Run. Sue S said she would contact the university with a view to getting student help with both this event and collections at the Tree of Light.


  • Colin R said that the first meeting of this committee would take place on October 22nd at Robert Hall’s office at 6.15pm when every committee member would be allocated a job. The objective was to combine old and new in the programme with particular emphasis on appealing to newer members.
  • He reported that 51 had signed up for the Aquabox dinner on October 13. Mike Smith will be taking photos for the website.


  • John S said the Koroipita health clinic in Fiji in memory of club Rotarian Colin Eynon had already proved a valuable asset and had been visited by the acting Prime Minister. Further to the visit the Rotary led Model Towns Charitable Trust of which the clinic was a vital asset had been approached by the government to use the town’s template for a possible second Model Town elsewhere.
  • He said Colin’s widow Ross had been absolutely delighted by the clinic in her husband’s name. John said his committee was now hoping to acquire funding for a solar water purification plant which would be a ‘first’ for Fiji…..however this would depend on a district grant being made available.
  • In respect of the Kerala floods in India his committee (which was meeting on Wednesday October 10) was being recommended to consider donating £500 to the Jaipur Limp project to address the loss of artificial limbs, wheelchairs and walking aids lost in the floods. David S (the UK chairman of the Jaipur Limb project) reassured members that the money would be entirely spent in the Kerala area,
  • In respect of the Indonesian tsunami tragedy John said his committee was also being recommended that £500 go to Water Aid. Such a donation might attract matching funding.


  • It was agreed to offer two dates (November 2 and November 23) for a demonstration of a defibrillator which is being considered as a 50-50 purchase with the Wall’s Club.


  • Nothing to report.


  • Ian S said the committee chairs for the centenary were:- David S for the centenary dinner; Matt C for the wishing well project; Julie Cooke (Gloucester Quays) for the Cathedral service and Caroline Topping (no longer a Rotarian but still involved) for the Media and PR. He reminded members that our club had agreed to pay 50% of centenary costs not covered by sponsorship, fundraising or ticket sales. Some cash would be needed ‘up front’ to meet set up costs and he was hoping to convene a meeting of the treasurers of all the city Rotary clubs in the near future to discuss the situation.
  • Ian said he was now in communication with Peel over the locating of a wishing well at the quays. He was seeking reassurance that such a well would have ‘security of tenure’ once in position.
  • Concern was expressed over the format of the projected Cathedral service which – by including it as part of evensong – failed to reflect the importance of the occasion. John S said that this was envisaged as the centrepiece of the celebration. Several high profile guests would be invited as well as Rotarians from city clubs, district, Rotary GB&I and RI. Ian S said that such a celebration would inevitably have on-costs although these had not been quantified. He would take the council concerns to the centenary committee with a view to having a meeting with the Dean Stephen Lake to chart a way forward. John S said it might be possible to split the collection between Rotary and the CathedraL
  • Ian S said there had been a suggestion of a series of playlets illustrating the work of Rotary in the city. There was still much work to be done on the format, costs and venue of such a project. Rotary Phil McCormack was investigating its feasibility.

There was no further business. The date of next meeting is Monday, November 12 – same time same venue. John Weygang tendered his apology.

Council Minutes

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