Minutes of Meeting 9th January 2023

Rotary Club of Gloucester Council Meeting Minutes Monday 9th January 2023

Club Number: 19313

Charity Number: 274097

PRESENT: Clive Hannis (President) Angela Seddon (Secretary), Chris Rawlings (SVP), Colin Rogers (Sports & Social) Richard Wright (IPP), Julian Farr (Membership), John Sargent, Jeremy Keck

APOLOGIES: Amanda Chamberlayne

MINUTES: Minutes from 9th January meeting were accepted as a true and accurate record and duly signed by President Clive.


  1. Volunteer Co-ordinator role: Angela would shortly be meeting Julie Reynolds to discuss the role and outline of the volunteers programme
  2. Website training and update – CMS training to be made available for Treasurer Jeremy, content is now being finalised and role out will take place shortly still to be arranged
  3. Card reader functionality and new set up – JK still to investigate options and speak to Ian Glendenning @Kingsholm who set up their system at the Christmas collections – still in hand
  4. Old Folks party –JK and RW will try to establish a new list during the year ready for 2024 – still to be completed
  5. PMcC would make a wooden wedge to enable to projector to be raised up – to be completed
  6. Membership email to ‘failing’ clubs – JF – in hand

PRESIDENTS REPORT: Clive Hannis Poster received from Andy Jarrett of the Nelson Trust to see if members of the Club would like to donate as part of International Women’s Day. Email received from Rachel from African adventures asking for a donation to support construction of school in Africa of £150. (email handed to John Sargent, International Committee to respond in that our focus for this year is towards the Ukraine and the Turkey earthquake).

IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: Richard Wright second letters for kids out have now been sent out and awaiting for response. Budget is on target.

PRESIDENT ELECT: Chris Rawlins is now starting to contact existing committee chairman to establish their intentions to continue (or not) during his year. Martin Henshaw will replace Chris as Chairman of Community & Youth when he takes over as Club President later in the year. A meeting is to be held on Monday 27th February at 18:00 for the chairman to attend together with Secretary and Treasurer so that Chris can outline his initial thoughts and wishes for his year.

SVP incoming will be on Saturday 1st July and will take the form of a ‘Whist’ Drive. Venue to be confirmed – Sports & Social will support.

The Urban Garden Project is progressing slower than expected and costings are expected from the Wall’s Club shortly. The date has now been pushed back to June and the ‘competition’ element has been dropped as a result of the complexity to organise for little reward. This will be replaced with an internal gardening display area. Chris is also investigating the use of Llanthony Priory as an alternative venue.

JUNIOR PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Phil McCormick – still building the concepts of the History Plays as a major event during his Presidential year 2024/2025 – initial draft was circulated to Council and everything is in hand with Phil working extensively behind the scenes. In 2025 it will be the 800th anniversary of Henry III Magna Carta. There is an Henry III play which will be extended by playwrights and will be toured around the Country. The first performance will be at our Rotary event in the Cathedral. All Gloucester Rotary Clubs will be invited to support and thereby we will have a huge Rotary presence in the City. Momentum is growing.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Angela Seddon-Hill – Ribson Hall school were looking for invigilators in the run up to Exam season and welcomed applications from Rotarians via their website: Ribston Hall High School – Current Vacancies the positions are paid, hours are very flexible. Role involves setting up a room for exams and supervising the students whilst they sit the exam. A list is sent out to all invigilators asking them their availability in exam season and they are then allocated to exams based on availability.

Abbeymead Primary School Headteacher (his pupils came to Club to present on their Commonwealth Games Ambassadors experiences) has reached out to Club as they are looking for up to two co-opted governors to join the school’s full governing body. The appointments are not elected and can be made following a self-nomination and discussion by the school’s current governors. The Headteacher is also offering anyone who may be interested in the position a visit into school. A promotion poster would be made available on the house desk.

TREASURER’S REPORT: JK reported as follows:

Charity Account: £28,844 – of which most has already been budgeted as a spend through the various Committees and includes income from the Gala Dinner at present (£6k)

Charity Account Savings Accounts – £13,236 Lunch Account: £6,000

General Account: £9,538

Community & Youth chairman and International chairman would update Jeremy on where their current spend budget sits.


MEMBERSHIP Julian Farr nothing to report as yet

COMMUNITY AND YOUTH Chris Rawlings reported that the committee met in January and finalised plans for the

remainder of the Rotary year and are starting to think about next year’s budget.    Committee wished to put on record thanks to Colin Dunford and members who helped with the Salvation Army Christmas packing as well as Inner Wheel, members wives and Marshall Langston for sponsorship of the boxes. A donation of £500 has been approved for the Gloucester Citadel to support the ongoing work of the Salvation Army in the City and would be included in the annual budget.

The Committee has reallocated the budget for Young Voices to support the request received to support History Talks in the city. The offer of £900 from the 2023-2024 budget was subject to two conditions.

  1. The schools supported must come from the city of Gloucester
  2. The schools must have a representative demographic of the City population

Richard Graham, MP has written thanking the Club for our support and accepting the conditions of the offer. Given the many members involvement in Gloucester History related projects and the undoubted benefit to the City, the committee felt that this was very much an initial offer and one that we should look to build on in the future as budgets allow.

Application for support of £500 for extra curricula activities excluding staff costs for Brendan’s Bridge was approved by the committee.

FUNDRAISING – Council noted their congratulations to Brian Phillips for organising a recent Dinner with a Diva event where the Rotary Club of Gloucester was to be the beneficiary of money raised.

Angela reported that the inaugural fundraising Gala Dinner planned for Saturday 29th April was now sold out and a waiting list for tickets had been established. Members would now be asked to donate bottles for the Raffle and Amanda had secured limited items for the Auction. The Gala for 27th April 2024 was already booked with The Jersey Boys and tickets were already selling for this event.

SPORTS AND SOCIAL Colin Rogers nothing to report this month. The committee will support SVP’s incoming.

INTERNATIONAL John regarding a note that came to say that two Ukranian ladies who worked for the Salvation Army were not getting very good food in the hotel that they were staying at. It was thought that perhaps a meal could be put on for those Ukraines in the City once a month and the Salvation Army premises on a Wednesday and the SA Majors are supportive of the idea. Council also thought that perhaps some could be invited to Rotary for a lunch. JS would investigate further.

Turkey Earthquake – It was agreed that £750 will be used from the International Budget set aside for emergencies (leaving £750 in the fund).

Council voted unanimously to support through the Rotary District Shelter Boxes. A donation of £2500 (including the £750 above) would be made and all member donations made separately would be gift aided and added to this amount. President Clive would email all Club members with banking details of how to donate.

FELLOWSHIP AND HOUSE – Colin & John are working well together. Apologies are being taken by Colin and lunches are ordered on Thursday mornings. Attendance is improving greatly. SVP also wanted to record his delight at the recent attendance levels and the overall vibrant atmosphere in the room on Friday’s and would encourage members to bring along guests as potential new members.

WEBSITE – training will be arranged shortly for Jeremy Keck.

AOB: Community Awards documents are ready to go out shortly. Rotary logos for each of the other clubs would be included into the paperwork and Clive was waiting to receive them.


13th March 2023, 11th April 2023, 11th May 2023, 12th June 2023 Council Dining Out evening – venue tba

Council Minutes

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