Minutes of Meeting on 6th March 2017

Minutes of Rotary Club of Gloucester’s Council Meeting on Monday, 6 March 2017

Club number 19313 | Charity number 274097


Martin Henshaw, Jeremy Keck, Jan Layton-Smith, Colin Rogers, David Seed, John Smith, Chris Soane.


Amanda Chamberlayne, Chris Chatterton, Clive Hannis, John Lovell, Peter Nesbitt, Sue Smith, Ian Stuart, John Weygang.


The minutes of the February meeting were signed without amendment.




Martin apologised for the confusion over the date of this Council Meeting. He noted that he would be away next week and while he was convinced that he had asked all Council Members to note the change in date the fact that no one else knew presented a contra opinion!!

Chris Soane was welcomed as the new Junior Vice-President, in place of Chris Chatterton who will be maintaining his leadership role within the Club by taking on co-chairmanship of the Community/Youth Committee with David Seed.

The gift of 48 jars of Tiptree Jam to sell to support the ‘End Polio Now’ campaign was welcomed and it was agreed that instead of trying to sell each member a jar at £2.00 the Club would make a donation of £100.00. In addition the some of the jars of jam would be offered to Members in return for any donation they wished to make and a further bid for ‘loose change’ would be made to support this appeal.


No Report.


No Report.


No Report.


As a follow on to the meeting it was identified that there were concerns over the content of Club. Meetings over the next month – this is because of the impact of the District Conference where 7 members including the President, President Elect, Secretary, and Chair of Comm/Youth will be attending along with 3 other members and the absence on leave of the Chairs of International and Fundraising along with the IPP. Action is currently being taken to ensure that there is a full and balanced programme. There will be a Business Meeting on Friday 10 March.


No Report



The move to ‘mixed’ tables – selected by ballot for one meeting per month was welcomed. It was also suggested that the ‘President’s Table’ be populated by up to 3 members selected on the day by the House or Membership Chair – to be discussed.


No Report


The ‘Snooker’ room project has moved forward and Graham Howell has agreed to identify the potential cost of providing ‘daylight’ lighting and an air conditioning unit – both of which are essential to create an environment in which meetings could be held.


A decision was agreed that the ‘Colin Eynon’ project in Fiji would not now involve a Major Grant but direct grants from the Rotary Clubs of Gloucester and Quays potentially enhanced by District Grants. To provide the equipment required equip a medical centre. This project will be examined in depth by John Smith during his visit to Fiji next month and reported on on his return to UK.


Another busy month for this committee with positive results from the Rotary in Gloucester Community Awards Group which comprises of members of each of the 4 Rotary clubs based in the City area. It was agreed that a new Charity Account would be created – ‘Rotary in Gloucester’ – initially to be administered by the Treasurer’s group with David Seed (as independent Chair of the Awards Committee) as an additional signature.

A discussion then developed about the presentation of the Awards – The awards lunch will be run by our Club this year. It is likely that there will be in excess of 90 people at the lunch. It will be ‘Buffet’ style and Jan L-S will talk to Walls Club about moving in to the ‘large’ room for the day. It was agreed that a separate group would look at the arrangements for the day to ease pressure on David Seed and John Smith who will deal directly with the awards. It was also agreed that David Seed would invite an Honorary Member to make the presentations the format of which would be discussed. The separate group would consist of Jan L-S, Colin R and Martin H to begin with.


This Committee would be meeting on Friday 10th March and would provide feedback for the next business meeting.


No report

Any Other Business:

David Seed briefed the Council on the response to date to our concerns about Rotary GB&I – while some action has been taken which would meet the concerns expressed by the Club other areas – including a seeming commitment to continuing with the loss making Rotary Today magazine – of concern have been ignored. It was agreed that soundings would be taken at the District Conference and David Seed as the Club Representative at the Rotary GB&I Conference would take our concerns to the full plenary and report back in due course. It was also agreed that, at the end of the day, we are all very proud to be part of the Rotary Organisation and that the Club will continue to meet the requirements of Rotary GB&I notwithstanding our concerns.

Date of next meeting – Monday 10 April -1800 (6:00pm) 11A Cheltenham Road.

Council Minutes

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