Report to EGM 2018

May I point out straight away that the accounts for 2017/18 have not been audited but we do have Peter Morgan, no not the Peter Morgan that we all know and love, but Peter Morgan an accountant and Honorary Treasurer with Gloucester Quays. He has very kindly stepped forward to fill the void we have in our ability to audit the accounts. He met with me and Martin Henshaw on Wednesday, we went through the accounts and he has retired to the comfort of a darkened room to get his head around them.

He was initially satisfied with the Final Accounts of the Charity Account which we had prepared, and which in fact balanced, but he will no doubt fine tune them before issuing audited accounts.

The General and Lunch Accounts are proving to be a more of a challenge to arrive at the Income and Expenditure Accounts and Balance Sheets, although I would stress that the Books are in order in that they agree with the balance at the Bank – it is the analysis and integration of the accounts which is proving to be more challenging.

Whilst referring to the General and Lunch Accounts, may I say that they both hold healthy funds and we are not concerned with these accounts going forward.

Returning to the Charity Account, and I repeat that the figures I give are those I have lifted from the accounts and are not Audited figures, the funds raised during the year were £42,400 and grants to charities amounted to £40,650.

In brief, the major sources of income were the car parks with £12,800, Tree of Light £7,100, the Cloister Challenge £4,500 and the Christmas store and street collections £3,500.

The major charities/projects/organisations supported were the Colin Eynon Project with £10,000, the Rotary Community Awards £7,000, the Mayor’s Charity £2,600, the Rotary Club of Gloucester Trust Fund £2,500, Holidays for Disadvantaged Children £2,200. and £2,000 to both Aquaboxes and Foundation.

The Centenary Account, and not to be confused with the Rotary in Gloucester Account, has a balance of £1,880 which includes a surplus from the 16/17 Lunch a/c of £800 and £1.200 from the added £25 to this year’s subscription – there will be another £400 or thereabouts from the 17/18 Lunch a/c surplus. There have been costs of £140 to date.

Moving forward I am proposing that we have a small change to the way the accounts are maintained in the future and would ask for your approval. One person who has been helping me enormously during the past couple of years, and to whom I give my heartfelt thanks, is Martin Henshaw. From the coming New Year he has offered to look after the Lunch and General Accounts – with which I am delighted – whilst I concentrate on the Charity Account, the Centenary Account and the Rotary in Gloucester Account which the other Club Honorary Treasurers seem happy to leave with me – I wonder why!

I will therefore remain as your Treasurer and Martin will become an Assistant Treasurer. Signatories to the Bank accounts will remain as before i.e. the President, myself John Weygang and Martin Henshaw.

Any questions?

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