Report to EGM 2021

Treasurers Report for the Year ending June 2021

Included in this email are the accounts for the year ending June 21 including the Charity Account, General Account and the Lunch Account.

As you will appreciate, not a lot happened in this particular year due to the pandemic and the restrictions placed on all of us.

All the numbers in the Income and Expenditure accounts are down on the previous year except one notable exception and that is the donations made by Members from their Lunch accounts to the Charity Account amounting to £8,940.

Excepting the £8,940, the Income on the Charity Account was down by almost £10,000 and it should be remembered that the previous year – 2019-2020 – was also limited by 3 or 4 months due to the pandemic and the loss of the Imperial car park. In a normal year, and the last one was 18-19, fund raising amounted to £48K. Now we are barely covering half that amount and alternative avenues of fund raising are needed if we want to continue supporting our beneficiaries with the amounts we normally grant.

Grants to Charities and beneficiaries were also down although we dipped into reserves by £1,300.

The General Account shows a surplus of £3,031 mainly because, after the expense of RIBI and District Capitation Fees, not a lot else happened.

There were no Lunch meetings during the year hence that account is looking very unused.

And that’s about it. If you have any questions of a technical nature, I doubt I will be able to answer but I do know a man who could. And with a reference to accountants, I would like to thank Peter Morgan of Kingscott Dix and his colleague Andrew Brookes for preparing these accounts for us and at no expense.

I have now been the Treasurer of the Club for five years and would be delighted if someone would like to step up into the role. Alternatively, I would not mind continuing if there was an accountant in the Club who could not only audit the books but also act as an advisor to me when a problem arises.

Any takers?

Jeremy Keck
Honorary Treasurer

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