Report to EGM 2022

Treasurer’s Report to the Special General Meeting

9th December 2022


I table the accounts for the year ending June 30th 2022, which have been prepared by Peter Morgan of Kingscott Dix at no cost to ourselves although I would prefer it if Membership could find an accountant to join the Club.

As I have mentioned in the past, I am not an accountant and therefore not really qualified to answer any technical questions. I can of course refer back to Kingscott Dix.

Taking the three accounts in turn…

The General Account.

This has made an apparent loss of a little over £4000 although £3000 of this was transferred to the Charity Account to support Ukrainians who had arrived in the Gloucester area.

Also you will see on the Balance Sheet three reserves labelled Centenary Fund, Marketing Fund and Future Events Fund. As the Centenary events are now over, this reserve is closed. The other two funds show the reserves for the Promotion and Marketing Budget also including the new website design, and a Major Event Reserve.

It is obviously too late for this year but for the 2023-24 subscriptions I shall be a little more circumspect and I anticipate subs will need to be increased.


The Lunch Account

I must admit that I have no idea where some of the auditor’s figures come from, but the balance sheet balances and that’s good. It’s not an account I need to worry about so long as Member’s Standing Orders cover Walls costs and of course they do.

The Charity Account

Income of £26,876 for 2021/22 was almost £5,000 up on the previous year and all but £600 was spent on charitable projects. The Schedule to the accounts shows where the money went.

On the Balance Sheet you will see the Reserve for Ukraine transferred from the General Account.

Under the Liabilities there is an item for Kids Out which refers to an accrual of £2,500 owing to Cattle Country which was settled in the following year.


Are there any simple questions?


I move the adoption of the accounts as presented.

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