Report to EGM 2023

Treasurers Report for Accounts ending June 2023

First of all an apology that the accounts have not been distributed to each of you before the meeting. I am reliant upon the account examiners producing the accounts in a timely fashion but not always possible. It is unfortunate that we have been unable for many years to attract the one profession to our fold – an accountant.


Lunch Account

Not a lot to say about this account. It is a record of the funds each one of you pays into for the payment of your lunches and also to create a fund to cover the following year’s Subscription. The recommended monthly payment is £60 to which 24 members have amended their Standing Orders. With the increase in meal costs and subscriptions, those who have not adjusted the Standing Oder are presumably happy to have to pay a larger settlement at the end of the year.


General Account

Generally working satisfactorily with sufficient funds to cover our ongoing Club expenses.

Apart from RIBI and District Capitation Fees (£3354) in the Income and Expenditure Account, the largest costs were Honoraria – £1000 – this really covered the 21/22 and 22/23 years; Room Hire here at Walls (£1,333) and Promo & Marketing (£2,250).

You will recall that £9,000 in the General Account was allocated to restricted funds, £3,000 to support Ukrainian refugees (this was transferred to the Charity Account; £3,000 to a Marketing Fund; and £3,000 to a Future Events Fund. The Marketing Fund with a cost of £2,250 is for the new Gloucester Rotary Club website. The Future Events Fund was not touched in this year but would have been used for the Gardening Exhibition which has been delayed a year.

The Centenary Fund I don’t understand why it is showing there as the funds were absorbed back into the General Fund but I have replaced them this current year with what was the Rodez Fund. I have transferred the £4,635.39

plus any raffles this year – £270 – to the Centenary Savings account I have renamed the Friendship Account.


Charity Account

Income and Expenditure Account:

Members Donations to Rotary Foundation was up about £400 to £1853 but this is still well short of the £2,000 which we aim to donate each year. In the current year £1,620 has been donated to date. If you have not donated, could I ask you to reconsider your decision? With 39 members we should have £1,950 in the kitty.

You can see from the figures that income increased by about £2000 over the previous year but expenditure was well down. This was partly due to the fact that donations planned for 22/23 were delayed until the 23/24 year.

You can see on the Schedule where the donations were made.

I don’t think there’s much more I can add apart from can you find an accountant to join the Club?

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