Young People’s Trust Fund

Helping young people achieve their projects with Rotary Club of Gloucester grants

The Rotary Trust Fund for Young People

In 1988, the Rotary Club of Gloucester set up a trust fund with the aim, over time, of providing funding to young people in Gloucester to help them with projects that would develop them as individuals.

Any one between the ages of 12 to 22, living or working in Gloucester and its immediate surrounding area, is eligible to apply for a grant.

The grant could be made for an activity that would develop you as a person.

The grant could be used to assist you in continuing your education or vocation when your family circumstances have put a break on your ambitions.

The Trustees of the Fund will review all applications that are supported by the details of the project, activity or course and the recognised organisation that is behind it.

This type of Trust Fund has been successful in a number of countries, to such an extent that people like you have been able to do things that they would have thought beyond their capabilities.

Is there something you particularly want to achieve but don’t have the funds to do it? If so, the Rotary Trust Fund might just be the help you are looking for.


Legacies and Donations

Leaving a legacy or making a donation to the Rotary Club of Gloucester Trust Fund for Young People, whether it be to mark an association with Rotary or for any other reason you choose, you can rest in the knowledge thatyou will be helping develop the future generations of Gloucester people to go out into the world with a greater sense of purpose in their lives.

You are at liberty to request what the legacy or donation can be used for, so long as it fulfils the aims of the Fund in helping the young people of Gloucester to develop themselves as individuals and as members of the community.

The Fund is administered by 4 Trustees from the Rotary Club of Gloucester and is a registered charity so there is no tax liability and tax can be reclaimed by the Fund via Gift Aid


How it works

The Fund is administered by 6 Trustees from the Rotary Club of Gloucester with long experience in business and public life.

The Trustees review all applications and assess the likely benefits to the individual and the wider community.

The Trustees provide their services and experience free of charge so that all the money in the Fund can be used for the benefit of the applicants.

Please send your Application form to, and please feel free to ask for more information. 


Causes & Fundraising

Meetings & Venue

The Holiday Inn
Crest Way

We meet bi-weekly on Friday at 12:30 & bi-weekly on Thursday at 6:30pm. Please view Meetings & Events for confirmation. Visitors – please advise Angela Seddon-Hill by email:

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